Aerogrammi Laboratory

AEROGRAMMI S.A., in the context of its research and new products investment, has built a measurement laboratory at its premises, which is unique in Greece.

In this laboratory is possible to study various phenomena concerning the distribution of air in the space, increasing our knowledge in this field. So we can make better use of our existing products and develop new ones that meet our client’s needs in the best way.

The laboratory is a cluster of spaces:

  • Measurements Room
  • Demonstration room
  • Seminars Room
  • Machine Room

In the measurements room we have the ability to mount air grilles or diffusers on the ceiling, the wall or the floor. The roof is moving up and down, so we can simulate spaces of different heights.

Measurements are made by computer controlled instruments (anemometers, thermometers, differential pressure sensors etc.) in isothermal or non-isothermal (heating or cooling) air flows for various types of air launching (vertical, horizontal, wall and colliding air flows).

The demonstration room is used for the presentation of our products and the various air distribution ways in a room. In order for the air flow to be visible, it is possible for the supplied air to contain smoke.

In the seminar room, engineers and students are informed about the applications and the selection of the AEROGRAMMI products with the SELAIR software.

At the machine room there is an air-conditioning unit that can provide air of the desired flow and temperature through the electric constant air flow controllers. Both the air conditioning unit and the electric constant air flow controllers are controlled by a computer.

With all of the above we hope to raise our level of knowledge and service to designers and manufacturers. This will help them make buildings as efficient and economical as possible.


Seminars Room Measurements Room Moving Ceiling Machinery Room Showroom Measurement Equipment

Measured sizes

  • Air Velocity in Every Point of the Air Jet
  • Air Temperature in Every Point of the Air Jet
  • Supply Air Temperature
  • Return Air Temperature
  • Room Air Temperature
  • Pressure Drop in the Grille/Diffuser
  • Atmospheric Pressure
  • Relative Humidity