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 Technical Description      

Ceiling swirl diffuser, for supply air, with front plate made by steel sheet electrostatically painted in RAL color or anodized aluminium in natural color. With openings for air distribution radial placed. In each opening there is one blade plastic, in color black RAL 9005 or white RAL 9010. The blades are adjustable manually for regulation of the air jet pattern. For use in heating and cooling cases. For low up to high installation height and air volume supply. In the swirl mode he air is supplied in the same way to all directions (360o). Also is available in the following executions:

Download the brochure of the GR part 1 and part 2 and the GR self adjusted or with actuator.
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    GR-AA     GR-AA-A      
    GR-AR     GR-AR-A      
    GR-T-21     GR-T-35      
    GR-RR     GR-B      
    GR return air     GR-AR with electric actuator      
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    Show Room     Show Room      
    Airport     Museum      
    Museum     Museum      
    Meetings Room     Meetings Room      
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